Family Counseling

Living out our vocations as Christians is incredibly challenging. Regardless of whether it is in your mission in family, work, or ministry, truly applying the Church’ teaching brings unique challenges. OUR mission is to help you find growth and fulfillment within YOUR mission. Together with your therapist, you can find healing in your life as well and come one step closer to the saint God is calling you to be.

Now, St. Raphael Counseling is teaming up with St. Mary Parish. We are a Catholic practice that provides all types of counseling, and now on Wednesdays, we’ll be located right in the parish office. Seeing a counselor right here in your community could be a safe, confidential way for you to get that extra help for your family you’ve been meaning to for a long time.

Contact Lauren Accolla, LMFT, through the St. Raphael website and mention St. Mary Parish, or call 720.377.1359.