New Logo

Our New Logo

Brothers and Sisters,

As we begin this new year, we are very excited to announce a new logo that communicates in a beautiful way who St. Mary Catholic Parish is and what we do.  The logo includes three distinct elements – Jesus, Mary and the Disciples of the Hearts of Jesus and Mary.

In Mary, Christ. In the design, the figure of Mary stands behind the figure of Christ.  With her arms open, she presents Christ to us and introduces us to her son’s friendship.

An Invitation to Grow in His Friendship. Christ, depicted as a youth with arms outstretched, welcomes us and invites us to enter into him in order to grow with him.

Led by the Disciples. The blue cross that surrounds Mary and Christ is the upper part of the Disciples’ cross.  Since 2007, the Disciples of the Hearts of Jesus and Mary have shepherded St. Mary Parish. Like Christ who stretched out his arms on the cross, the Disciples embrace Christ and Mary and each of the faithful in them.

Families on Mission. The white spokes that radiate from the center are created by rotating the cross, reminding us of how the cross touches all parts of our lives.  With this action of the cross in our lives, new spaces are created, transforming our relationships. The yellow parts signify our families and our parish ministries. The white arms of the cross represent the roads we travel on our mission, going out to bring Christ to other families.

Eucharist: The Source. The logo’s overall shape is round, like a Eucharistic host, showing that the parish lives from the Eucharist and offers it to all. The source of a great and beautiful life is already open to everyone.