DCJM: Support Our Mission Today!

As Disciples, our mission is to help you discover and live your own call to holiness in communion with the teaching and guidance of the Church. We depend on your generosity to carry out that mission. Currently, we have 15 men in formation, in preparation to become DCJM priests. Your financial gifts help pay for their expenses as well as assisting with our general operating expenses in Littleton and abroad.

If you have not had the opportunity to give yet, you may support us online any time at dcjm.org.

Thank you and God bless!


Thank you for your generous donations to both the Disciples of the Hearts of Jesus and Mary and St. Mary Parish and School! So that we may track your gifts correctly, please remember the following guidelines:

1 ) The Disciples are a separate charitable organization from St Mary Catholic Parish.  It is best to write separate checks and put them in separate envelopes if you are giving to both organizations.

2) The Disciples have their own website for online giving. Please go through their website at dcjm.org to donate online by credit card/ACH. For St. Mary Parish and School, use Faith Direct for online giving.  You can find them on our website under Giving or go to https://membership.faithdirect.net/enroll/CO765