Return to Pre-COVID Practices

Dear Parishioners,

As was mentioned in the “Tuesday Updates” Flocknote, we have given serious consideration to our recommendations regarding mask wearing at Mass.  As a result of the CDC recommendations that were updated on May 13th and the subsequent CDPHE Amended Public Health Order on May 14th, we are no longer designating certain Masses as masks required.  In addition, at our daily Masses, there will no longer be a designated section for those who wish to wear a mask.  Of course, we understand that some people may need to continue to wear a mask based on their personal health situation and we support your decision to do so.  The severity of the pandemic has been stressful for all and, in some cases, divisive.  We are confident that our parish family will be charitable to each other at all times.

We want to remind you of the Archbishop’s guidance to the faithful on receiving the vaccine:

  • “Whether or not to be inoculated with a vaccine for COVID-19 is a personal healthcare decision… the bishops of Colorado have affirmed that receiving certain COVID-19 vaccines is morally acceptable.”
  • “No person should be required to get the vaccine, nor should inoculation be used as a requirement for participation or admittance in either public or church sponsored events.”

Also beginning this weekend, confessions will return to the vestibule.  The small sacristy will continue to be used for those who feel more comfortable in a bigger room, and two confessionals will also be used.  Confession times will not change.  Weekday confessions will be in the small sacristy.

Finally, May 30th will be the last weekend for the 10:00am outdoor Mass.  As was previously announced, construction on the new school roof will begin in June.  Because of safety considerations, we will not be able to use the parking lot during that time.

In summary, the changes that will take effect this weekend:

  • Masks are optional at all Masses
  • At daily Masses, there is no longer a designated mask wearing side of the church  
  • Confessions return to the vestibule