Priest Assignments

Dear St. Mary Parishioners,

Spring is the time that brings many changes to our families as the school year ends, sacraments are conferred, and clergy are re-assigned. Through these changes, God continues to call us to love in and through Him in many new ways. In 2020 we saw several changes in the priest assignments at St. Mary and 2021 brings several changes for us as well:

  • Fr. O’Connor will no longer be splitting his time between Notre Dame and St. Mary, but he will be a full-time parochial vicar at St. Mary this coming school year. 
  • The DCJM have been presented with the opportunity to start a mission in Slovakia. As this is the homeland of Fr. Stefan Zarnay, the Superior General, Fr. José Granados, DCJM has decided to entrust Fr. Stefan with a new assignment. This summer Fr. Stefan will return to Europe to prepare for his new assignment in leading this mission effort.
  • As for the crucial principal position that will be open as a result of Fr. Stefan’s re-assignment, with the support of Mr. Elias Moo, Superintendent, and our Archbishop, I announce with great joy that Fr. Jose Granados has reassigned Fr. James de Cendra, DCJM to serve as the new Principal of St. Mary Catholic School. 
  • Finally, we are blessed to also be receiving the assignment of one of the DCJM seminarians again this summer. He will serve as part of the chaplaincy team at the school 

Our loving and kind God continues to bless our parish and school in so many ways!  I am grateful to the Superior General for his support and dedication to our mission and I look forward to seeing the many things that we can accomplish through Him in the years to come.

In Christ,

Fr. Javier Nieva, DCJM
Parish Administrator