Important Voting Info

Here is some important information about the November 3rd, 2020 general election:

• Click here to register to vote or to check that your voter registration is current.
— In Colorado, you can register to vote as late as Election Day, November 3rd.
— For those who have recently moved to Colorado, you must have lived in Colorado for a minimum of 22 days (by October 13th) in order to register to vote.
— Youth as young as 16 yrs. old can register to vote, but you must be 18 by the November 3rd election in order to cast a vote.

• Know what’s on your ballot so you can be prepared to vote on issues and candidates.
— There are numerous state-wide ballot amendments and propositions including issues pertaining to abortion, wolves, the national popular vote, gaming, family leave, and taxes. Click here for more information from the office of the Colorado Secretary of State.
— Check with your county’s Election Division for local ballot issues and candidates. A sample ballot may be posted to county websites on or after October 2nd.

• Ballots will be mailed beginning October 9th. Colorado mails ballots to all registered voters, but you have the choice of voting by mail or in-person at a Voter Service and Polling Center (VSPC).
— Call your county’s Election Division by October 26th if you don’t receive a ballot and would like to have another one mailed to you.
— Or, go to one of your county’s VSPCs beginning October 19th to request a ballot or vote in-person.
• VSPCs are open October 19th-November 3rd for in-person voting and other election and voter registration services. Check your county’s website for locations, days, and times.
— In Colorado, all ballots must be received by the county clerk by 7 pm, November 3, 2020.
— Voting in-person provides the most immediate confirmation that your vote arrived on time. VSPCs ensure safety by offering masks, hand sanitizer, and gloves. Social distancing is maintained and equipment is sanitized between voters.
— If you vote on the ballot mailed to you, it is best to use a secured drop-box. Locations can be found on your county’s website.
— If you decide to mail your ballot, make sure you affix the proper postage.
— Never let a person you do not know handle or deliver your ballot for you!
— Many counties offer a ballot tracking system on their websites so you can be assured that your ballot arrived safely and on time.

Happy voting!
Natalie Hattenbach