Important Campus Maintenance Update

Hello fellow St. Mary Parishioners! We are about to embark upon a significant roof reconstruction project on the north school which is the building located just west of the Church building. It includes the elementary school (2nd – 5th grades), main school office, the resource center and the school gym. (This project will not include the Holy Family building.) The roof has more than exceeded its life expectancy and is overdue for replacement. There are numerous leaks occurring throughout the system in all sections of the school building.  

The cost of the project is estimated not to exceed $399,768.00.  Due to your excellent stewardship and a very good year of investments, the parish is able to fund this project with no loans.  Construction begins on Monday June 7, 2021 and is estimated to take about two weeks to complete.  The new roofing system, including a new skylight, will increase the efficiency of our heating and cooling systems and produce energy savings for the school and parish.  The Archdiocese of Denver will be providing oversight during the construction. 

The company hired for the work, Copper Creek Construction, is the same company that installed the new roof for the church during our recent renovation project.

Although the funds needed to cover the cost of this construction project will be coming from our investments, any financial support from you, our parishioners, would be welcome. Remember this is an investment into the continued health and sustainability of our parish.

Thank you and God bless,

Joe Froechtenigt,
Director of Facilities