End Late-Term Abortions!

Initiative 120 is now Proposition 115

It was God’s miracle that in the last few months, we were able to get the measure to End Late Term Abortion, Initiative 120, on the November ballot. We are confident that voters in Colorado will approve it. Even pro-choice women and men signed their support of this initiative. The lives of countless babies are in our hands. It is vital that you be their voices.

We are asking all the churches in Colorado to help us by praying each week for a successful outcome on November 3. We are less than 60 days out and ballots will drop in the mail in early October!

Did you know that:

• At 22 weeks, preborn babies can smile, recognize their mother’s voice, suck their thumbs, and also feel pain during the abortion procedure.
• At 22 weeks, if not earlier, a baby can survive outside the mother’s womb.
• Colorado is one of only seven states that allows abortions for any reason up until birth with no restrictions. There are only 6 other states and 5 countries in the entire world that permit such late abortions.
•This measure does not criminalize or penalize women in any way.

With Proposition 115, the goal is to protect women and their babies, give them better options and help them in their difficult circumstances.

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